Heliflex Green

heliflex green

Heliflex Green

For light suction and discharge of water (in agricultural, construction and residential use), various light chemicals, and light slurries and dry material handling.

Performs all general service duties with less weight than comparable products and provides vacuum and pressure resistance for long service life, smooth tube and cover for easy cleaning and greater mobility, and a helix wire specially compounded to resist kinking and cracking.

Min Working Temp (°C): -5
Max Working Temp (°C): +60
Tube Material: PVC
Reinforcement: Rigid PVC Spiral

Springflex Clear


Ideal for use in vacuum pumps, agricultural machines, water irrigation, shipyards, chemical plants, vacuum trucks and also suitable for suction of foodstuffs and potable water.

Offers excellent resistance to pressure/crushing and high levels of vacuum, clear visible flow and glass smooth interior to reduce material build up and prevent contamination.

Min Working Temp (C): -15
Max Working Temp (C): +65
Tube Material: Transparent PVC
Reinforcement: Steel Spiral

Heliflex Red

heliflex red

Heliflex Red

For use with foodstuffs under medium duty suction and delivery applications and liquid food applications, beer, fruit juices etc.

Hose imparts no odour or alters the taste of the product conveyed. Very durable and pressure resistant, and is flexible and resistant to vacuum during suction. Has a long life expectancy.

Min Working Temp (C): -5
Max Working Temp (C): +60
Tube Material: Transparent PVC
Reinforcement: Red Spiral PVC

W4 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty

hd clamp

Clamps are built for those applications where a high strength clamp is required. The band delivers a firm but gentle grip on tough industrial hoses such as suction and pressure hoses. These tough and robust clamps provide excellent sealing efficiency, great flexibility and conformance to shape yet good hose protection.

Zinc Oetiker 2 Ear Clips

Oetiker 2 ear clip

Zinc Oetiker 2 Ear Clips Avalible in most sizes